A Home Group is a subset of the church. Practically speaking, this means each home group operates under the church's doctrinal statement, shares and works toward the bigger purpose, core objectives, vision, goals and strategies of the church, recognizes and operates under the church leadership, and works interdependently with the other Home groups.

A Home group is a basic Christian community of 8-20 believers. The Bible gives several important metaphors that help explain what a basic Christian community should look like.

“Home groups” are the foundation of our philosophy of ministry. They are not merely a good program within The Bridge Fellowship... home groups ARE The Bridge Fellowship. That is to say, The Bridge Fellowship is seen by the leadership as a body of "cells". These "cells" are the Home groups. Since home groups are so important to this church, it is important for every member to have a clear understanding of what they're all about.


Join a Home Group

Our principle avenue for helping people become fully committed disciples of Jesus and grow spiritually is through being a part of one of our Home Groups. We place a premium on meaningful relationships...meaningful relationships that have the opportunity to go deeper than ever before, through a person or a family belonging to a Home Group. Our home groups provide a place to:

●      Grow deeper in relationship - Hebrews 10:24-25
●      Grow deeper in the Word - Acts 17:11
●      Grow deeper in Christ - 2 Peter 3:18

Martin's Mill

Parker & Nikki Stringer / Josh & Hannah Hemby

Sundays 6 - 8pm at the church
Dinner provided
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Gary & Mary Ann Reichard / Kyle & Pat Jones

Sundays 12 - 2pm
Lunch provided
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Chuck & Holly Blair

Sundays 12 - 2pm
Lunch provided
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patrick & Krystal McGhee

Sundays 12 - 2pm
Lunch provided
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Glenn & Julie Stern

Sundays 12 - 2pm
Lunch provided
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